From August 31 to September 4, the e-versions of all Phil Slattery’s books will be free:  The Scent and Other Stories, A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror, Alien Embrace, Diabolical: Three Tales of Jack Thurston, and my novelette, Click.  They, along with the paperback versions, are available at  Detailed descriptions of each can be found by following the link to his author’s page.  However, in short:

Phil Slattery, 2015

The Scent and Other Stories (subtitled The Dark Side of Love) explores the often darker side of relationships, the sides we keep hidden from friends, family, and even our partners.  Comments on The Scent include:

“This story has a lovely dreamy quality whilst being unsettling too. It lingers on half processed emotional experiences and leaves the reader asking ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ – feelings that are familiar for so many people.”

“You wrote about something we can all relate to – how, out of the blue, the scent of something evokes a memory of something long past; and the emotions we felt at the time! A clever story …”

“This descriptive piece about remembrance, the thought of what might have been, is a common sad thread that will resonate with those have experienced the pain of that one love lost. Slattery’s use of scent was exquisite as we feel Quinn’s pain and hope that he finds his peace, at last.”

A Tale of Hell and Other Works of Horror is a collection of my works in the horror genre. Comments on the story “A Tale of Hell” include:

Publisher Charlie Fish of Fiction on the Web summarizes “A Tale of Hell” as a “… chilling vision of hell”. Other comments on “A Tale of Hell” from readers of Fiction on the Web:

“An intense and well paced story, cleverly leading the reader up a number of garden paths before Jack’s reality finally clarifies and appears in all its horror. The writing is focused and spare as Jack’s malevolent characteristics and idiosyncrasies manifest themselves…Overall a strong tale that lingers in the imagination…”

“brilliantly descriptive piece on man´s apparently unstoppable descent, literally into hell,…”

” Enjoyed this story. I thought it was nicely written. Started with a familiar vision of hell, but added several unique treatments; kept me interested in how it all would end. Thanks”

Click is a novelette about a policeman who find himself trapped on a small island with two unknown assassins who want to kill him for unknown reasons.

Reader Charles Stacey gave “Click” five stars and commented: “Author has a wonderful ability to develop the characters using few words. Great foreshadowing to build suspense. And then a really outstanding twist at the end that left me smiling.”

The remaining two have not received any comments as of yet.

Alien Embrace is a foray into the world of science fiction as an astronaut finds himself trapped on an alien world and unable to distinguish between dreams and reality.

Diabolical:  Three Tales of Jack Thurston is a collection of three horrifying stories of a modern day sorcerer.

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