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Phil Slattery

I am a fledgling writer of fiction who has developed an interest in writing literary horror.  I recently became a member of Southwest Writers and have also recently founded the Farmington Writers Circle.   I frequently leave comments on other websites and I have started to occasionally review movies at, where my user name is Phil-37442.  Google “Phil Slattery” or “Phillip Slattery” to explore the depth and breadth of my interests (however, be aware that “Phil Slattery” is not as uncommon a name as you might think, but I am the only–so far as I know–that is a writer and artist and that currently lives in New Mexico).

My first interest with horror came when I was a teenager in the early 1970’s and I would stay up late on Saturday nights to watch old late night horror movies from the 50’s and early 60’s on a program called “Terror in the Night”, broadcast from channel 27 in Lexington, KY.  After the night’s show ended, I would switch to other channels to see what other scary movies I could find until all the channels signed off for the night (yes, this was in the days before cable and before channels were on 24/7/365.   At this point I had my first forays into the world of horror fiction when I became captivated by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, who has continued to be my favorite author of horror of all time.

Although I had always loved to read, I developed an interest in English, American, German, and Russian literatures while attending Eastern Kentucky University where I majored in German and Russian and took the English Lit classes required of every major.  I continued to develop an interest in German lit while a graduate student in German at the University of Kentucky.

Before completing my M.A. I burned out on life in the ivory tower and joined the Navy.  During my stint in the Service I became interested in American and English poetry.  I read every poem and poetry collection I could lay my hands on and wrote around ninety poems, many of which were published in assorted small magazines. Sometime around before I left the Navy, my interest in poetry waned and I took up an interest in writing short fiction and journalism.  I wrote a few short stories and magazine articles, which were published, and dreamed of being a writer, but never dedicated myself to the task.

Then within the last several years, I returned, so to speak, to my roots and revived the interest I had in horror as a young man, but this time I combined it with my interest in classic literature and began to read the novels on which many of the movies I had watched were based:  Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and so on.  Then I began to read the works of Stephen King, about whom I kept hearing much, but whose works I had never read.  From there, it was four easy steps to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker, the ghost stories of the nineteenth century, and the weird fiction of the early twentieth.  Within the last few years, I have begun trying my hand at writing horror, which stimulates my fascination with the genre even more. I cannot say exactly why I find horror so interesting.  I think it is the intellectual and emotional connection I feel with truly well-written works.

Good horror stirs emotions primal and visceral inside me for reasons I find it hard to express and probably only a psychiatrist could appreciate.  I also feel an intellectual connection with well-written horror, not only because I like to see how the characters and their psyches interact, but also because I enjoy seeing how an author stirs the deep-seated emotions that produce fear and horror within a reader.  With my on-line magazine I intend to promulgate my own evolving ideas of what literary horror should be as I listen to the ideas of others.  

 My fiction has been published in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, Ascent Aspirations, Medicinal Purposes Literary Review, Dream Fantasy International, Wilmington Blues, Möbius, Spoiled Ink, and Six Sentences and others (I am usually behind in updating this site). 

My poetry has appeared in Café del Soul, Nefarious Ballerina,Apollo’s Lyre, The Hollins Critic, Potpourri, Green’s Magazine, Bitterroot,Orphic Lute, Doors Into and Out of Dorset, Sassafras Tea, and Metro Singles Lifestyles.  

My non-fiction has been published in Max Magazine and Aviation Safety.


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